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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 16, Trimester 2

Skills Cafe A week at a time - December 2010 Welcome! Afterschool Support Study 2-2:30 daily F. Links This link will take you to all the links we have used. Cafe-2010-2011-1 G. Did You Know? It is Trimester 2, you should have 3 of your community service hours completed for this year! H. PBS Contest! ?contactID=159134581&gwkey=UY2V78JDCI I. WatchME Video Contest Check the bulletin board, the deadline is Jan. 10, 2011 _____________________ Blog post I wrote December 13, 2010 A. Week 16- What's Ahead? Transition Plan, fill in this worksheet! Week 16 Activities, C. The Weeks in Review If your name is on the list in support study, then you need to fill out this SURVEY. D. Contest!!! Only 100 Words you could win $100.00 to $500.00 “How does technology make the world a better place?” Entries must be submitted online to TweenTribune and TeenTribune. No entries will be accepted via email or snail mail. To enter, students must log in, click “Create entry” from the “For Student Links” on the right side of the homepage, then submit their entries for their teachers to judge. Join our classroom Learning Cafe by 1/16/11 E. Do you have a learning tip to share? You can share your ideas here with your classmates. One of your Animotos, a poem, a story, ideas, your own photos or movies! Nothing to Do? Here is the $20.00 Challenge You can write an essay for NPR public radio student essay. If your essay is published, I will give you a $20.00 itunes gift certificate. You can have help with your essay. Here are the essay rules. guidelines/ _________________________________________ Ms. Oakes and Ms. Goodwin need student interviews about how to use technology tools in your day to day life for our January workshop at ATIA in Orlando, FL. Contact them!

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