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Saturday, September 11, 2010

iPad in Skills Cafe!

Morning duty cheryloakes image creative commons

The past two weeks in Skills Cafe have been an adventure, a challenge, a place where good learning is happening, a place where students and teachers are struggling to find balance in our work as collaborative workers and a place where all of us are looking at how best to get to our next steps.

We have worked on getting our students to use the Moodle as an online workspace. This will help them prepare for the next part of any education. There are so many online courses I am sure all of them will participate in one within the next 12 months.

We have worked with our students to enroll them into our google domain with the hope that we will be able to be in touch with them more than one block a day. This is a place where we can share calendars, share essays, have conversations in email and a place to stay connected.

We have worked with them on how to organize and plan their week so that they can manage all the fun stuff about high school, sports and after school activities. On occasions we have run out of computers in the room and a student has been looking for definition and the ipad has been a quick resource, then we downloaded a few Algebra app, more about which ones after we rate them.

The Skills Cafe has been open for business and we are busy.

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