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Sunday, September 26, 2010

SKills Cafe 2010-09-27

      Skills Cafe
     A week at a time - SEPTEMBER 2010 


 "Thanks!" to all who have joined in and worked with the changes in Skills Cafe, Support Study, Room 215.

F. Links

G. Did You Know?=0

H.  Fire Drill

Where do we meet? At the field house Ticket Booth! Go out the building Stairwell #3, around the back of the school past the cafeteria. All meet quietly at the ticket booth.

 I. Practice your Reading

Get signed up for Literary Companion see your case manager.

September 27, 2010                                                                   

A. Week 5- What's Ahead?-Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers aren't just for writing anymore! I am sure all of you would admit to using graphic organizers when you write. This week will review Graphic Organizers as a way to visually organize your reading. 

1. Graphic Organizer 2. Write the main idea from each block in the newsletter 3. Share the main idea with a peer

B. Go from Zero to Hero on your Quizzes

A new tool  introduced last week was Quizlet! As I looked at Snapgrades many of you did not do well in your Vocabulary Quizzes. This week we will take charge of new vocabulary with online FLASHCARDS! Please share your Quizlet with me and I will link it on Facebook.

C.  The Weeks in Review

What belongs in your Toolkit? As a student you need to have tools in your toolkit which will make your life easier. The google domain has a calendar, a document , a presentation, a website tool, gmail, Quizlet and a way to record audio!, this week helped many of you write up your science labs.You created an Animoto at, where else can you use that tool? Congratulations you have been busy!

D. Books on Audio, mp3, itouch, shuffle, CD

Have you thought about listening to your books? We have Catcher in the Rye, Farewell to Manazar and many more. But even more if you have a library card from Wells Public Library, you qualify for a Portland Library Card, and you also can qualify and download your own audio books. See Mrs. Oakes about how you can do this. See Ms. Cowan and Ms. Jortberg to get other books on AUDIO.

E. Do you have a learning tip to share?

You can share your ideas here with your classmates. One of your Animotos, a poem, a story, ideas, your own photos or movies! Nothing to Do? Here is the $20.00 Challenge
You can write an essay for NPR public radio student essay. If your essay is published, I will give you a $20.00 itunes gift certificate. You can have help with your essay. Here are the essay rules.

Use the graphic organizer below and find one fact in each section!
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I

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