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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Skills Cafe is open for learning

We opened the Skills Cafe at Wells High School. I heard everything from, "um, I did not sign up for this", "finally, now I can do my work online", " no one told me I could do this". Their job today was to take a couple of learning inventories to confirm what kind of learner they were. That was interesting! Now we will get the teachers to take the same inventories.

Most teachers teach the way that they learn best!

How can we ensure that all of our students are learning? Universal Design for Learning is one way. Letting your students advocate for their preferences is another.

This is a journey, hope you stop back and check our progress.


  1. Cheryl,
    I am so excited to see how you reimage the High School Learning Center in 2010! I look forward to following the journey and adventure. Thank you for sharing your resources, your thinking and hopefully, your students' responses and reactions.
    (This isn't their older siblings' Learning Center!)

  2. Thanks Karen, I am so excited, this has been in the making since May. My first 3 days were terrific. I am in the right place. I will be sharing and making this journey transparent. Thanks for your support.
    Cheryl and the gang.